Authentic LV Products Online

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  1. I did some research regarding the authenticity of LV products on Internet Websites. I found this website, La Perle that sells LV Products at a very low price compared to exclusively LV retail stores.

    Has anyone purchased designer products from the website stated above and confirmed their authenticity products?

    Thank you
  2. Nope.
  3. There are only two places to purchase LV, Eluxury and a boutique. Any other site that claims it is selling new LVs, is not legitimate.
  4. I wouldn't buy from them either. The pictures are re-used.
  5. Hi sorry to tell you but this site is FAKE, since LV has no sales. Where is La Perle getting new bags for less than retail price then selling them to the public for nearly half of what LV would charge. If its too good to be true, it probably is.
  6. :dftt:
  7. Hi Rudysky, but you can only buy authentic, brand new Louis Vuitton online only through! Please don't be fool! All those are fakes!
  8. They're all fake and use pic's from Elux.
    If you are going to shop online and are buying Authentic its going to be from thats it.
  9. NO..don't buy! FAKE
  10. Your first post is a sales pitch?!? Please don't insult my intelligence. I agree with Texas Girl, I, too smell a troll.
  11. Thank you all for your replies.

    I guess I'm better off shopping at Saks.
  12. I think some people are a little too quick to judge, and it's embarrassing and sad IMO.
    Just because someone asks, doesn't automatically make them guilty.
    This question is asked a dozen times here almost daily.
    Be nice, it's the holidays for Pete's Sake.
  13. ^ditto on Swankys comments.......
    This thread makes me sad.we were all newbies once..NO?
  14. I totally agree. Im disgusted that other members have acted like this to a new member. I would like to apologise to Rudysky for the other members posts and I hope you stay within the forum to learn about louis Vuitton. :flowers:
  15. Please read through the later comments on this Bergacci Scam blog post.

    It appears like the same group that was behind Bergacci is now operating La Perle, I would stay away from them if I were you.