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  1. in another thread i was reading about how poor a country china is for production and how you can live on $2 a day. so i'm wondering do they sell authentic lv in china and if so how much would it cost there?
    (please excuse if you find this question rude or offensive. i am not meaning it that way at all)
  2. yes, they sell authentic LV in China. Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing...the more developed, advanced cities with people NOT living on $2 can afford authentic LV. China is a poor country is too over generalized. Sure, the rural areas may be, but what is poor to us may be just fine for them. In some of the urban areas like Hong Kong, the cost of living is much higher than an average city in Canada or the USA, so don't think that everyone in China is poor.

    As for the prices, LV in China is slightly more expensive than the US.
  3. Most Asians I know are very designer label driven.
    Yes they sell authentics LV.Like Karman said some part of China has higher living cost than some cities in CA and USA and higher income too.

    I find LV prices in Asian countries are more expensive..
    I personally think people need to travel more...
  4. of course there are LV boutiques in China - in fact they are bigger than a lot of north america locations (esp. in canada)

    and there are very very wealthy people there ~ I think its very unevenly distributed wealth...
  5. Like any other city in the world, there are poor areas and there are not so poor areas. That goes with any China.
  6. To support that LV in China is more expensive, my cousin bought her Speedy (not sure which size...I'm pretty sure 25 though) for approximately $4000-$4500 HKD. That works out to be around $750 CAD! Although there is no tax in Hong Kong, that is still a more expensive Speedy. The papillon 26 that she has was quite expensive too.

  7. when you say "people need to travel more..." what exactly are you trying to say? it sounds like an insult is that how you meant it?
  8. Yes, there are about 20 LV boutiques..... but DO NOT BUY LOUIS VUITTON (OR ANY OTHER DESIGNER BRAND) from China!!!! They are EXPENSIVE!!! if you don't mind paying 50-60% more (in the MAINLAND) than in USA or Canada...then GO AHEAD! However, in Taiwan it's about 30% more, and in Hong Kong it's about the same as here (sometimes 5$ or so less)....And also, I heard that there's annual sales in HK and Taiwan???? Anyhoo, you are forewarned! lol REPEAT: DO NO BUY FROM (MAINLAND) CHINA!!!! lol
  9. I think she simply means that if people are able to travel more, they can learn more about other countries because not everyone knows what "state" China is in...educational programs about such a diverse country is simply not enough.

    BagCollector, nobody is here to insult you :yes:
  10. my goodness, that sounds expensive!!! annual sales???? i'd like more info on that

  11. oh, okay. i misunderstood. everything can be friendly again. :P
  12. You can buy authentic LV from secondhand stores which are extremely popular in HK :smile:
  13. Oh no hun..I didn't mean to insult anyone at all...

    I should elaborate more..I meant exactly like Karman said.

    China or Asians countries in general have rich and poor people. The wealth don't spread very well. You can see big mansion with security guards next to a house from's very complex..

  14. oh i see. that is so sad... :sad:
  15. I went to China last month, actually, and designer stuff is REALLY expensive there. Also, as mentioned by others before me, the cost of living can be much more expensive than here in the states (a small but high-end apartment is extremely expensive!). But the food is really cheap, which is something I particularly enjoyed.
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