authentic louis vuitton silk nightwear?

  1. Hi,

    Not a purse, I apologize; but this forum came up first on google and seems more active with vuitton-lovers than any other; which is more important.

    A couple months ago I purchased a small lot of clothing 2nd-hand locally. It was all for a good price; the overcoats were authentic, excellent condition, and my father loves them (I gave them as a christmas gift), the shearling and suede coats I enjoy myself.

    Also in the lot, however, were two pair of Louis Vuitton pajamas. I'm curious if they even could be real-- to the best of my very limited knowledge, LV only makes purses with the occasional dress? Would they even have made pajamas?

    The provenance is better than it could be... I bought the items from a lawyer, and one who could afford and then sell at deep loss $1000-overcoats is more likely to have a wife who gave him genuine pajamas than knock-offs than if I bought them from a recent college grad like myself. But not guaranteed.
    There is no label whatsoever. One is gold with a dark brown monogram, the other is brown with a gold monogram. The stitching is competent; no handwork, but then again, there's nothing in pajamas that requires hand-stitching.
    Another thing that would be useful to know is if it is real silk or not-- rayon would preclude the possibility of the garment being genuine; such a brand would not dabble in synthetics?
    I have a coat with viscose lining, and I have a coat with silk lining for comparison; honestly I can't tell the difference. Texture and luster are subtly different and perhaps as accountable by different weights and weaves than by silk/synethetic. The buttons are undoubtedly plastic, however, I only occasionally see real mother-of-pearl and horn buttons on even high-end garments anyway.

    I don't currently have any photos; my main doubt is if Louis Vuitton ever made pajamas at all! But if they have, and if the described details fit, then I can borrow a friend's digital camera and take photos as well.

  2. I doubt they are real. I don't think Vuitton ever made monogram pajamas. In fact, I have those fake monogram pajamas on eBay and iOffer.
  3. Thanks!

    I tend to agree with you (if i didn't have real doubts, I wouldn't have asked to begin with!) and am curious what others say.

    I did try the burn test; the result could point to silk, as the fibers retreated and curled rapidly away from the flame and did not drip at all... but the fused bead at the end was not brittle black ash, but brown and hard and did not crumble readily, pointing perhaps to one of a handful of synthetics :-/ Will look for a loose thread on my clothing that I know is silk, for better comparison.
  4. Yeah, to my knowledge, no pajamas like that at all. More than likely, they're made by the same people who make those bathing suits, too. They're all fake.