Authentic Louis Vuitton Gold Mirror Speedy 30" Where Can I Get One?? HELP

  1. Hello,

    Can Someone Please Help Me. I Have Wanted A Authentic Louis Vuitton Mirror Speedy 30" Gold. Where Can I Get One??? Iam Going Insane:nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:. Thx
  2. they are all sold out in US, your best bet will be eBay, but plase post it for auth verify before you bid. there might still be some in Europe if you have friend/family overseas, I'd try Germany first :yes:
  3. Yay : I just found one on! Check it out...I believe them to be very reputable, although I have never purchased from them: I recommend looking at it and seeing what other tFPers think!

    Please let me know how it goes and what you think! I am so happy that I happened to spot this today!:tup:
  4. They are sold out because they were from last season and even then it was impossible to get one in the stores. You only bet is eBay, paying over retail. Be careful with the good fakes. Good Luck
  5. Sometimes will have one, and I and others have had good luck with them. Some people have used Karen Kooper's site too, but I know there was an issue that one TPFer had earlier this year. I don't know the details and I don't know if it is resolved. I've never purchased anything from that site personally, so go ahead and post in the authenticate board.
    Good Luck - it's a beautiful bag!
  6. Unfortunately this one seems to be in a very bad condition. Have a look at the bottom.
  7. Its hard to tell that anything is wrong with it, and it says "Very Good" for the condition. Reflection making it hard to see?:confused1:
  8. I have the miroirs and I have used them alot - however they are in a much better state than this one. On the one for sale there are creases all along the bottom and there's a huge black/grey spot on one of the corners.

    I would not buy this one.:tdown:

    IMO it would be better to buy a new one when/if found.
  9. Here's what I am talking about


    I have only circled the spot and major creases, but if you look closely you'll notice creases all along the bottom.
  10. That stinks!

    Just wondering: what did those bags run retail? Also does anyone remember what the perfo speedy ran? I always liked that bag in pink...but never got it:s
  11. As far as I remember I paid around 1200 USD (a great price) for each of mine. So 1795 for a used bag (in poor condition) is a really bad deal IMO.