Authentic Louboutins? Also, ankle-tie espadrille question.

  1. I came across these... :heart:

    Any input on authenticity? I had tried them on in dark blue at NM, but I didn't like the way the color looked on me.

    Also, I have a question about tying shoes like these. How do you tie them so that it doesn't look like you have cankles? :lol: I think I tied them wrong when I tried them on, so that part of my leg ended up looking kinda chunky :shame: If anyone has a picture of someone wearing similar shoes or some sort of step-by-step guide, that would be great!

    Thanks :cool:
  2. I'm pretty sure that these are fake!
    The red sole should be all over the bottom of the shoe and there should be no seperate weaving at the bottom of the shoe. "I'm not sure if that makes sense"

  3. Oh no! :sad: I was so hoping they would be real. The seller has good feedback, or so it seems - I was looking at their other items and nothing stood out as being blatantly fake, but maybe I'm missing something. Do you know much about Chanel shoes and clothes, and Manolos? The seller has some listed, and has received feedback for selling other designer stuff.

    Thanks! :smile:
  4. hi there!

    I can't say for sure as I'm still making my mind up which pair to buy so I haven't seen them in the flesh so to speak, but I can tell you that the weave of this style is correct. On the Moudira its definitely hel & sole separate weave, if you get me?

    check this site out;

    They have a few good pictures to compare with.

    Oh & I'm kind of sure I've seen the espadrille line with only the fore portion & not the heel of the sole red. ~ But don't hold me to that!

  5. I have these same shoes shoes in fuschia. They look exactly like mine. I know what she means by the sole being all red on the bottom but mine are exactly the same as these. I can send you a pic or try to figure out how to post a picture.

    As for the tying make sure to have the bow on the outside of the ankle. I will try to find a picture of that also. It drives me crazy when I see women wearing them tied in front. Not a good look.

    I have a pair of Chanel espadrilles and those actually look best tied in back.

    These are authentic.
  6. These are mine ....
  7. How to tie an espadrille...
  8. Maxter, those are lovely shoes!
  9. oh maxter! they are fabulous!!

    I adore that colour!! pink is my favouite colour! which is a real problem as it doesn't suit me in the least :sad:

    But those are divine!! I'm drooling!

    could I ask you though, I'm torn which Louboutin espadrilles to buy, I want to be able to wear them round NY & Boston for a holiday we are taking so they will have to be comfy enough to wear & walk in for hours. Do you think these would be ok for that? Or will I cripple myself for life!? :biggrin:

    Its between these and the Moirisimo, but I am fairly sure they will kill me after a few hours :sad:

    thanks for your help!

  10. Thanks for the kind compliments. I am a shoe freak and my answer to your question was my first post!

    As for comfort, I can definitely wear my Chanel espadrilles all day long - in fact I could sleep in them! The Louboutins have a stiffer sole and I am standing more on the ball of my foot. They don't seem as "tight" fitting as my Chanel's but I have worn them all day running around town.

    I'm a 42 year old mom of 2 boys so I am running all day: school, soccer, tennis, shopping .... and they work for me.

    As for the tying I hope I made sense. I tie them so the bow is on the side of my ankle, not the front. I thought I had a pic on my computer. Gwyneth Paltrow has these exact same shoes and I scanned in a picture of her wearing them from a People Magazine.

    If I get up enough nerve I may post some of my shoes. Let's just say I have a small problem with high end shoes. This season alone I bought 4 pair of Chanel shoes and that isn't even counting the manolos, guccis, clergerie, tods.... Oh my!
  11. Those Chanel espadrilles are gorgeous, maxter! :heart: They look very comfortable.

    Thanks for the help with authenticity - I ended up purchasing the open-toe ribbon CL espadrilles from Saks, but it's good to know that these look legit, since the seller seems to have a few pairs :smile:
  12. oh my!! indeed! oooh yes please!!! pleeeeeease post pics of your fabulous collection!

    and thank you so much for you help! I may just have to get both style, you know, just incase I can't wear one of them for too long......:biggrin:
  13. beautiful shoes Cristina:biggrin:
    :heart: the colour!