"Authentic Leftovers"????

  1. do not link to counterfeits please.
  2. Not for real, just a dirty lie. Both are fake... if someone tries to tell you otherwise thay are a con artist just out to get your money.
  3. That is so not true! Stay away from this auction site :yes:
  4. They told on themselves: "Take xxxxxxxxxx (LVMHY) for example, the company places an order for X amount of bags to be made by a manufacturer. However the manufacturer does not make the exact X amount of bags ordered. Instead they generally make about 10% more of the bags incase of product defects and other mishaps. " - LV makes their own bags.
  5. WOW! sounding like new faker's trick to rip-off new LV Lover??
  6. An excuse for Illegal activity
  7. Some of the handbag shops in certain places (Tunisia for one) tell you the bags are like this.

    Ive also been told the material is genuine off cuts!!!

    People will tell you anything to make a quick turn.
  8. um, no.
    if its not from an auth lv boutique or let trade, its fake in my book.