Authentic Juicy Princess ZZ purse?

  1. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! I just don't want to pay the girl before I make sure it's 100% real.
  2. There's not enough pictures to say for sure. I believe (99.9%) it is authentic, but you may want to ask for a picture of the backside of the interior pink "Love G & P" label. The label should indicate that it was made from lamb leather. Also the inside of the label should have a numbered sticker (possibly 2) that has the style # and season encoded on on 1 square sticker. If it is 2 stickers 1 will be the style # and the other will be their season code.
  3. Don't know if it is authentic but is is a really cute bag!

    For some reason I always just think Juicy = Terry Cloth, but this bag is great (hope it is real and you get it!).
  4. Yikes--I don't mean to dis Juicy Terry Cloth bags!--Sorry!

    I saw a really cute one at Nord Rack that had really long lime green fringe and thought it was really cute, just not me, but I was thinking about it!
  5. I would definitely ask for more pictures. I've wanted this bag for a while now and something about it just looks kind of...not right.

    I have the zz princess quilted continental wallet in this type of quilted leather in black which I purchased from Nordstrom and my logo emblem is not only hardware, but engraved with no 12720 right under the word Juicy. As you can see, they aren't numbered. The crown also doesn't look right and the hardware seems dull and gross. I've had my wallet for more than a year, use it every day, and it still looks goldish.

    I could be totally wrong because maybe the bags do differ from the wallets in that they AREN'T numbered, but I would definitely ask for more pictures before buying it! Most of their negative feedback is also in german, so who knows if they were complaining about authenticity.
  6. [​IMG]

    Okay here are more pictures. Authentic or not? She's waiting on payment so if anyone can tell me it's real asap I'd really appreciate it!
  7. Okay well I think it looks auth so I'm going to send her the payment tonight. Any input would still be nice though! :smile:
  8. It looks good to me :tup:. I had a Tyler bag before. The stamp and tag match up to the pictures I had of it.