Authentic juicy & abercrombie sellers on the bay?

  1. Hi, I 've been looking for some juicy hangaround pants and hoodie as well as some abercrombie stuff but there is so much fake stuff on the "bay" that I was wondering if you guys would know any serious sellers I do live in France and can't get these here.

    Thanks for helping.
  2. I buy & sell on eBay and if I could give you just one piece of advice would be: do NOT buy from any sellers from Asian countries.

    I do not know much about Juicy [okay, I'll admit, I know nothing about Juicy] but I do know my Abercrombie.

    I cannot point out certain sellers in particular because inventory changes every time so it would be pointless but when you do your searches I'd suggest you limit yourself to using the, and websites.

    If it's a new seller, be wary of buying something that doesn't have actual pictures of the item. If none are posted, ask for some.

    Also, remember that A&F never sells anything in black, they do sell some pretty dark browns and dark navy blues but I've never seen anything that's authentic in black.

    Also, keep in mind that even though A&F sells a lot of destroyed/vintage style items, they do not look like total crap [though some people would argue that all of A&F is crap] but what I mean is that they still look pretty well put together, compared to the A&F purses coming from Thailand.

    Oh and to save you a big headache, before you bid make sure you have asked the seller and received and answer on whether they ship to France, what shipping service they would use and how much it will cost you.

    UPS and FedEx I hear are great for shipping international but I hear they charge a broker fee or something of the like, they usually charge it to the receiver [in this case you] but many times the receiver refuses and the seller ends up having to pay for it. This fee can be expensive and it's not regulated by any agency nor is the amount disclosed in advance, so yeah, UPS & FedEx many times result in unhappy buyers & sellers.

    Usually USPS is the better way to go because of the reason stated above. USPS First class International can take weeks if not months to arrive and it doesn't have tracking, so it might be worth it to pay up more for Priority or Express mail.

    Nonetheless, regardless of the shipping company used, be aware that you as the buyer would be the one responsible for paying VAT on incoming imports.

    If you see something A&F you like on eBay and need some input, I'd be more than glad to help. Just PM me with the auction # and let me know.