authentic Jimmy Choo - does anyone

  1. know of an authentic eBay seller of JC bags, where a buyer could save a few bucks? Thx.
  2. I don't know of a specific one, but would be happy to look at any auction you may be interested in ;)
  3. The only auctions I've seen on eBay UK all seem to be fake, the Riki and Ramona seem to be the favourite item to fake right now. Will keep an eye open and if I see anything I will let you know.
  4. The best advice I can give you is if you live close to a SFA, check the store frequently in person and take the bags you are interested in to the counter to have them scanned. I got my Bordeaux Riki @ Chicago's SFA in January. I was debating on the color since I really wanted the Patent leather. Long story short, the bag was not marked on sale, but when the SA scanned it, it came up @ $705.00, the SA had previously said she would give me 10% off because it had a couple small scuffs, so all said and done, I got it for about $640.00 and had it shipped home to avoid the tax. :yahoo:
  5. Thanks ladies for all your kind advice and offers - I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow night (for a week) but I'll be back and still lusting for a black Mahala!!!!
  6. Yes please be careful on eBay I have seen some really really good fake Ramonas!
  7. SuzyZ -

    Keep an eye on this blog - she's an excellent reference for authentic deals on eBay, and I've gotten a few great bargains from her recommendations (including JC)...

    Good luck!
  8. that is amazing, robynbenz. I had no idea they'd be on sale like that with the old price still marked.