authentic Hermes vs counterfeits

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  1. One of the purposes of a discussion board should be to inform. No one wants to unknowingly spend their hard earned money on a counterfeit luxury product.
    If you buy a bag advertised to be Hermes anywhere other than from an Hermes store, be careful and know your product or where it came from originally.
    When you see a bag on eBay that "was a gift" this should be a red flag that it is a counterfeit. People selling expensive bags know exactly where they got them originally.
    When you buy any reptile bag, you should keep all receipts and CITES papers, in case you ever want to take the bag out of the country. You will need the paperwork to get it back through customs.
  2. That's interesting about the reptile bag thing. Is that just for Hermes or would that be the case for any reptile handbag? There's a Chanel python bag I've been eyeing.
  3. I definitely agree with you. I love the fact that there are so many women on here who really know their bags and can help those who purchase from ebay make sound decisions. Still, I think it is risky to post too much info about detecting fakes on here because I'm sure some of those counterfeiters are lurking trying to get information to fix up their ebay listings.

  4. Well, that is the case for most exotics. But I think it depends on the designer. For instance, a CITES comes with Hermes ostrich bags, but not with Gucci ostrich bags. And I think a CITES comes with Chanel ostrich bags as well.

    As for python bags, who knows. :shrugs:
  5. All I know about python is its illegal to buy in certain states like CA for example. :flowers:
  6. Yup, but what I thought is funny is that while you are not allowed to buy Python in California, Water Snakes are okay. Go figure.:shrugs:
  7. We can't buy Hermes Lizard in Australia - it's protected, so they don't stock it......poo.....
  8. Huh?? How ...?? Oh that sucks!!! Are you a lizard fan?
  9. I appreciate the comments which have pointed out the problems with some bags, and am sorry that the recent thread where one particular bag was being discussed is now suddenly "closed." These forums are about education first and foremost, and while we all need to be mindful of other's feelings I think it does a disservice to all of us when someone who is not attacking but instead is educating is slammed for doing so. My two cents.
  10. I agree,:yes: I read a lot of threads where people were being very informative and then, the thread got closed or the member was canceled. It's a shame.:sad: I know a lot about Hermes, but there's ALWAYS something new to learn and anyone who doesn't admit that there's always something to learn, it just fooling themselves.. knowledge is power and knowledge is infinite!
  11. No one was being slammed a huge part of our board is about education. We even have an enormous reference sub-forum with more information than one can handle sometimes.
    We do not want to put too many details out there, it's a well known fact that counterfeiters have been on our board and will continue to do so.
    This is not the first time when I've asked someone to pm me why a bag was fake. If you pm myself, or another mod or someone who can spot fakes, we will help you.
  12. This whole awful reality just makes me so sad.
  13. I couldn't disagree with you more. While I like the 'education' I receive here, that is not why I come, I come for the friendship and community.

    To me there is a huge difference in a post where someone asks for opinions and advice and what occured here this afternoon. It is completly another matter when someone posts about what they think is a happy thing. When another member posts malicously, and possibly ruins their birthday, that is horrid to me. When the member is a reseller and possibly has their own agenda, it unforgivable. CDL was clearly manipulating the situation, especially with her be careful who you buy from. I know she is on the approved, but I still have my doubts, as apparently others do, or she wouldn't have come here a few days ago posting, how wonderful she was.

    Again, to me that is actually besides the point, the point was that someone, kind and excited wanted to share what she thought was a happy occasion on her birthday with 'friends', and was blindsided cruelly.

    Thats my 2 cents.

    I am usually just a lurker, but had to post on this, It was just so wrong.
  14. ^ to CDL's credit, someone discredited HER yesterday and in prior threads that she'd been alerted to. She was only trying to clear her name and we allowed a MINUTE amount of leway to do so. She did not just show up here and try to sing her own accolades.
  15. mws- I hope that my posting didn't cause any ill-will. I am new here, and still learning. Perhaps I elevated my desire for education over others' need for friendship and comraderie. You have made me more aware of how important they both are. Thank you.
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