Authentic Hardcore bag??

  1. fakeeefaekfkaksdkfkfkakefake


    the satin dustbag, lining and totally wrong tag on the inside should've tipped you off!!

    ...but at least it's not one of the hilarious first-generation fakes that said "dior roson chardcore" ..... :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  2. fake .. :sad:
  3. Fake!
  4. :sick: the inside tag is soo horrible
  5. Hey I am glad someone posted this. I have been looking at this bag online for quite some time now and I love it. How do you tell the real from the fake? What are the differences? Does anyone have one that they can share a picture of?
  6. i have the bag i can post pics give me a little bit i will do it
  7. gosh the bag looks so fake, everywhere especially the interior.
  8. here are some pics of my bag

    hope these pics help
  9. Great pics! What a beautiful bag you have! Does anyone know anything about the white hardcore saddle? It is slightly different from this black one. I saw a picture of Victoria Beckham sporting it and it looks hot! I have posted this pic below. I really want one but I don't know how to spot a fake with this bag. Any help? Does anyone have a white one and if so, do you have pics?
  10. Hmmm....I saw one that appeared to have a flap over the top with some piercings and a chain on it. It also has a D that hangs from the front on red leather. It looked like the one Victoria Beckham is wearing in the picture I posted. Does anyone know anything about that syle?
  11. I have the one VB has in the photo below and I have the Boston bag from the same collection.
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