authentic gucci retailers

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  1. Does really sell authentic gucci handbags and watches?
  2. The reason why Im asking this question is because I was looking at the large collapsable carry-on duffle (beige/ebony gg fabric w/ green/red web handles). On it measured 20" width x 12" height x 10" depth.

    On the gucci web site the exact bag measures 20" length x 9.5" width x 12.6" height.
    I know the measurements are only slightly off. Does jomashop round off their measurements? This may sound silly, but it's the slightest measurement that makes the difference and can establish if the item is real or fake.
  3. they sell authentic.
  4. So a search of the forum, yes they sell authentic. Yes measurements can vary depending on who takes them, but I wouldn't hesitate buying from Jomashop.

    In the future, authenticity questions should be posted in the Authenticate This Gucci thread.
  5. Thanks. This was my first entry - Im new here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.