Authentic Green Spy on eBay!

  1. I saw this beautiful Green Spy on eBay and I had to share it here. Its the only authentic Green I've seen on eBay and if I didn't already have the spy in Petrol I'd go for it. Though goodness knows I am tempted right now :love: Hopefully someone from PF can get it as I know green is a rarer color / this one is in excellent condition with a price that isn't too steep. The texture on it looks great too.
  2. Wow, that is gorgeous! I love green. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Ahhh, such a pretty color! Need to walk away from the computer now - lol!
  4. OMFG! that is one gorgeous green spy! i have the petrol too; otherwise i would've been all over this one. oh my this is a beautiful bag :shocked: i can't stop staring at it....
  5. wow i know a lot of people here were interested in one a couple of months ago...
  6. wow its gorgeous! it's pretty much retail though... :sad:.
  7. I think this one belongs to maxmara, one of our forum members and is authentic. It is lovely, I have to admit.
  8. I was just gonna say (as Tammy has already said) this bag belongs to some one on PF, I'd check with her, make sure she is selling, otherwise someone else is STEALING the photos AGAIN!!!
  9. I could shoot myself....I saw this bag at my second-hand bag shop a few weeks ago for $900. Didn't know it was so rare, etc....or I would have gotten it (even just for resale). Aaagggg......
  10. She did say she was going to sell, but it's really good to check. I hate it when people steal pics.:rant:
  11. OMG!!!$900??
  12. $900?! Oh my goodness, go back to that store and snap it up!! A green spy is one of my holy grail bags. Its just to die for.

    I really hope this isn't a case of stolen pics. I checked the sellers feedback and it seemed to be all good. I'd hate to think that this was some kind of rip off. :sad: eBay is so hit or miss.
  13. why is maxmara selling?? it's like selling your baby!! only joking, but this bag really is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she must be thinking of getting KICK ASS new bag!!!!! :smile:
  14. yeah, why is she selling it? what can be more kick-ass than a green spy?
  15. I my god I just spent TO long looking at the photo's... and I'm in love!!!!!!!! how much would it be in euros?