Authentic? First Marc Jacobs purchase: from Nordstrom Rack ?

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  1. Can someone please help me authenticate this? I purchased it while browsing for a new daily wear and tear bag and saw what was described as a "classic Marc Jacobs messenger" on Nordstrom Rack online. Super excited by the color (medium to dark gray) and the size and shape and is my first Marc Jacob's purchase, so I'm not entirely sure what to expect. I'm a Burberry, Dooney & Bourke gal, but I thought I would try this because the shape is perfect and i love the color (large, cross body, deep gray with gold tone hardware).

    I received it in the mail today and expected it would be the lower end, Marc by Marc Jacobs line, but have a few questions / concerns after looking around online:

    1) the zipper is made by YKK -- is that normal for the Marc by Marc Jacobs line, or this bag?

    2) there is a plastic protective coating on the strap -- is that common also?

    3) the interior has a bar code and "Made in Vietnam" black sewn in tag (see picture below) the back side of the "made in Vietnam tag" reads "fabrique au Vietnam" rather than "100% cow leather" or similar description

    4) the leather is pebbled and very soft to the touch.

    5) logo on the front reads Marc Jacobs New York

    6) All gold hardware has Marc Jacobs printed on it

    7) interior zipper pocked has a black label that has a serial number on it.

    8) IT came with a white tag indicating the style and color and size, which is attached by a black string

    9) Cost: $184 -- is that too low to be real?

    Photo on 1-24-18 at 3.07 PM.jpg Photo on 1-24-18 at 3.08 PM.jpg Photo on 1-24-18 at 3.08 PM #2.jpg Photo on 1-24-18 at 3.08 PM #2.jpg Photo on 1-24-18 at 3.08 PM.jpg Photo on 1-24-18 at 3.07 PM #2.jpg
    Photo on 1-24-18 at 3.15 PM.jpg
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  2. Hi, I moved this over to the the authentication thread :smile:
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  3. First off, I am not an authenticator. Secondly, yes, those MJ and MBMJ from Nordtrom Rack are real. I purchased three of them myself and I am thrilled with them. You have a nice handbag there. Enjoy!
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  4. Nordstrom (and its other stores) does not sell fakes.
  5. True!
  6. It doesn't help that Marc Jacobs (or the people handling his affairs) decided to consolidate his lines, then turn the old MbNJ styles into an off-price line with a Marc Jacobs label. It also did not help that certain experts here on Purse Forum absolutely insisted that the Nordstrom Rack/Marshalls/TJMaxx versions were just old stock being sold off after the consolidation, even when it was obviously not true.
    I sincerely hope Marc gets his ... act together soon.
    Having said that, zainyrj -- enjoy the bag! It's really nice and it's definitely one of the most popular styles they produced.
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