Authentic Fendi Stockists

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  1. Hi girls, if this is in the wrong section I apologise.

    Apart from Netaporter and the odd bag here and there on Ebay, where can authentic Fendi Spy bag's be purchased?

    Could you perhaps list a few sites of both new and preowned

    Can't believe the amount of sites who are yahoo approved and then i've checked on here and they are fakes, really scary!

    Really appreciate your help and well done for all the work you are doing against people selling fakes but claiming they are genuine!

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    Not too bad, but your view is so unique. I like it very much.

  3. Always the Fendi boutiques as well as the dept Barney's BG,

    Neiman Marcus, Saks.. and sure others...more likely than not, you are getting

    the real deal..too many bags look good and then they turn out to be fakes/

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.