Authentic Fendi Deals or Finds - please READ POST 1 first

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  1. is on sale!
  2. 4th of July sale @ Fendi Desert Hills-20% off outlet prices.

    Nice selection of bags, bag bugs, straps, etc.

  3. Fendi2Jours Petite Leather Tote Bag, Black
    Original: $1,950.00
    NOW: $975.00
    bergdorfgoodman [dot] com
    Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.34.28 AM.png
  4. My Saks Fendi boutique SA sent me the Fendi sale! PM me your email and I'll forward it to you with all of the info.
  5. Here are the bags, PN me and I’ll forward you pricing and her info. 676BD586-BEF7-4E0B-A0DD-7161AA0CBC13.jpeg EA1CF9B4-B5FC-4166-B488-7CE19E5DA062.jpeg FCB3E53D-9920-4E5C-B579-8DDBA610BA58.jpeg 7EE131F5-D2A2-408E-9117-D8F446C46627.jpeg 5628DC4D-7E1C-4593-A693-1BB485BA4906.jpeg 723675A5-F3D8-4BC2-9667-4ED8376CD630.jpeg 3FD5459D-7FDB-43A8-BE6C-CDB034D42E79.jpeg
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  6. ^^^thanks for sharing!!!!

    Matchesfashion has some straps on sale
    fendi strap sale.JPG
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  7. Fendi private sale happening online! PM your email if you need the email forwarded to you.
  8. Sale shoes at Neiman
    SA Philip +16504929072 20171118_142505.jpg
  9. Fendi sales are happening at almost all the major department stores! but i'll just post what I think is one of the best below

    Barney's have 22% cashback today (and 20% through the weekend) on TopCashback! I love that website I use it for all of my shopping to get money back! Other sites are on there too like Saks, so people go stack your specials and save! :smile:
  10. Fendi has sale all over Europe. On my email it says private sale but the link can be found in the website as well...
  11. Philly Fendi fanatics: I just saw a grey dotcom with snakeskin handle (the exact one I just bought for full price) at the Barney's on Walnut in Philadelphia for ~$1700. Pic below:

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