Authentic Fendi Deals or Finds - please READ POST 1 first

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  1. I received an e-mail from Fendi two days ago, and another one today. Here are the links to the sales:
  2. At Neiman Marcus sale 25%. Saw this pair Monster shoes. Contact Philip at +15165800262

    I believe he has 38.5-39-39.5 with him and he can pull other sizes if 1480461515075.jpg needed
  3. Fendi sale at Saks, PM me for SA info. IMG_6922.JPG
  4. Double Micro Baguette 30% off at Saks. PM me for SA info IMG_7016.JPG IMG_7017.JPG
  5. These bags were available earlier this week at TJMaxx in Buckhead.

    Dot com marked down to $999.99


    Flower tote for $899

    In the jewelry case, they had some micro monster baguettes for $999
    IMG_7600.JPG IMG_7601.JPG IMG_7599.JPG IMG_7604.JPG IMG_7605.JPG
  6. Saks sale $1715. PM me for SA info IMG_7197.JPG
  7. Mel Soldera has a few Fendi items posted on her @shopcocktailsandluxury IG page
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