Authentic Fendi Deals or Finds - please READ POST 1 first

  1. Could the Fendi Mods make this a sticky for us like it is in other threads as its such a great idea.

  2. ^^i suggested that a while back but no answer!!!
  3. Sticky Please!!!!
  4. argg!! i freakin hate it when STUPID ebayers bid on the item making the price go up for NO REASON!!!!! ARRGGGGGGG
  5. 0431067657652_275x275.jpg
  6. Looks like added five Fendi bags recently if anyone is interested: lace B bag, large palazzo, small palazzo, villa borghese tote, and chef hobo.
  7. The new squirrel denim looks really nice.
  8. ^^^ that is a crazy deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    must resist!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. ^ yes jomashop has authentic spys.
  10. Are you sure they are authentic???

    I have some doubts