Authentic Fendi Deals or Finds - please READ POST 1 first

  1. Upon examination of the pictures, they look pleated to me. Maybe I'm not understanding you -- could you clarify, Litigatrix? I'm not using my oak BBag today but will have it tomorrow for closer comparison to pictures.
  2. the bubbles kinda scare me..
  3. I know what you mean; I thought the same thing. I've emailed this seller a couple of times, but she/he still hasn't posted new pics and won't give out serial #s which I can sort of understand.....but still......:s
  4. They are both fake.
  5. same here :s:s
  6. I think so, too. For comparison's sake, I have uploaded a picture of the same model and color bag which I sold on eBay last month. By pleating what I mean is how the leather is folded under the upper band of the bag to create the flowy appearance in the leather. Also, looking at the back of my bag, and my experience with it, it's clear that the leather is stiffer and would hold its shape while the one in the eBay auction looks floppy and more pliable.

    The eBay listing:
    eBay: 100% Authentic FENDI Calfskin B Bag in Brown $1,865 (item 190073257791 end time Jan-21-07 18:00:00 PST)