Authentic Fendi Deals or Finds - please READ POST 1 first


Feb 23, 2006
I was just at Copley Place mall in Boston yesterday and saw some Fendi Spys at Neiman Marcus and Barneys. NM has the one with blue and white stripes, a mink one, and some other one. Barneys has the honey one with the flowers, the floral denim one and a couple more. Check them out.

There are also tons of Balenciaga purses at Barneys, including one I had never seen before, a black and white print. Really interesting.



Building a rainbow
Nov 2, 2006
Thought there was this thread in the Fendi forum but if not, I'm stealing the idea from the Dior forum.

Being a chronic time-waster, I surf the net lots and subsequently come across some interesting or good deals. I'm posting this because I came across two Spies on EBay that ppl here might be interested in. Please share deals that you come across here that Fendi lovers might want to know about!

GOLD SPY :heart:: eBay: FENDI LTD ED GOLD SPY BAG TOTALLY FABULOUS (item 250073466818 end time Jan-24-07 08:04:14 PST)

Oak medium BBag:
eBay: 100% Authentic FENDI Calfskin B Bag in Brown $1,865 (item 150080110966 end time Jan-18-07 08:08:53 PST)
(I personally have this bag in this color and size and LOVE it.)

Fortuny Spy (a bit beat up):
eBay: Auth Fendi Fortuny Hologram Nappa Leather Spy Hobo Bag (item 190072338940 end time Jan-20-07 20:18:05 PST)


Aug 16, 2006
Great post, fate!

Regarding the python spy, I've put in a BO on a listing of his before and you'd be surprised how far below the BIN price he'll come! So if this is on your want list, you have nothing to lose by making an offer you're comfortable with.

Good luck everyone!