Authentic Emmy Photographs

  1. :confused1:Would you mind sharing a few more photographs with me? I'm thinking of buying an Emmy and I really want to know whether or not there are any studs on the bottom, and whether the internal zipper should be on the left or right when closed...

    Also, exactly how many holes are there on the front "belt"? The internal pocket, the top row of trees along the zipper-- are the right side up or upside down?

    Did yours have a "Made in Turkey" tag?:confused1:
  2. I can't get any pics on at the moment but I can answer your questions.

    There are no studs at the bottom.
    The internal zipper closes to the right.
    There are 9 holes on the front belt.
    The internal pocket has the trees showing right way up (have never noticed this before!)
    The tag says Made in Turkey.

    The other thing I'd say to look out for is that the leather tab on the zippers should have embroidery in the shape of an M rather than just a pointed oval, if that makes sense.

    Mine was bought direct from Mulberry so I know it's authentic.

    If you post a link to where you're buying the bag from, you can get it authenticated on the "authenticate this bag" thread at the top of the page.
  3. See my chocolate and oak one doesnt have this. It has an oval but its more perfect than those of fakes Ive seen and it has like a lip so to speak around the edge which I noticed the fakes do not. I bought mine from a large department store which only sells authentic but after reading this I became worried. Ive looked around at fakes/real and have noticed the few observations mentioned between them but Im thinking not all authentics have that type of stitching? Everything else is as mentioned, its just the zipper pull thats different.
  4. Jaime, sorry, didn't mean to worry you. My Joni bag has got the oval style stitching on the interior zipper tag so it is definitely something Mulberry do on some of their bags. I guess it's possible that some of the Emmies have got this stitching, too.

    The fact that you got the bag from a large department store means that it should be authentic. The only way it wouldn't is if someone had bought a genuine bag and returned a fake for a refund. I read on here about this happening but I can't remember the brand of the bag. It is SO unlikely that this happened to you but it's possibly worth phoning Mulberry, just for peace of mind, and to put us right on here, too.
  5. After searching around I thought it might be a difference between the single colour and the two tone bags. Im pretty positive its fine but I might post in the authenticate forum just to check. I dont get how it couldnt be real and everything is too perfect for it to not be if you get me lol
  6. Just thought Id add, I went to another large department store the other day which sells Emmys, they had the oak bag with the M stitching on the zipper-pull and then they had the oak/chocolate two tone emmy (like mine) and the stitching on that was almond shaped. I had it authenticated anyways in the Authenticate this thread just in case someone had switched it but when I saw it in the other store (which is an authorised stockist) and it was exactly the same as mine in every way it made me feel even better about it! It looked as though it was a feature of the two tone bags compared to the all one colour.
  7. Oh, that's great :tup: A real relief. Your bag looked so good in all those pictures that you posted - I'm so glad your mind has been put to rest and you can enjoy your lovely Emmy!
  8. This is a great response. I will check these points out on mine
  9. You're replying to a decade old post....