Authentic ebay sellers.

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  1. This has probs been asked about a bajillion times but what is some of the top trusted ebay sellers for discounted A U T H E N T I C designer purses? I know my mom has been loooking into buying my my dream chanel 2.55 jumbo flap for christmas, and since she has lost her job money has been tighter so I can't imagine her forking out that money, and I was wondering if I could mention any possible sites / ebay sellers to her?

    My preference is discount authentic chanel ... and i mean it has to be authentic or i won't be caught dead with it. :biggrin:

    like im thinking it will come with original packaging and authenticity cards and all, but still a great price.

    am i asking too much? is this impossible? :P

    please let me know your experiences..
  2. Sorry be the one to say it, but yes this has been discussed numerous times. If you try a search of this forum, I'm sure you will find the answers you need.

    And, as a side note, *any* seller on eBay could work out just fine for you as long as you're a smart buyer. Do your research, know what you should be paying, thoroughly check the seller's feedback, and always have potential purchases authenticated here before bidding and buying.
  3. Yeah I asked in the ebay chat forum but no one responded to me, :sad:

    That sounds good to me .. do you personally buy on ebay?
  4. Sorry no one responded to you. Did you try to search the eBay forum? Perhaps a few threads may pop up that might have helpful advice.

    I do personally buy on eBay, as scary as it can be sometimes. ;)
  5. Yeah Im only 16, pretty much frightened of buying on ebay, and i still have issues searching these forums hahahah!
  6. Honey, I am nearly thirty and have issues searching this forum. :P

    Don't fear eBay; just be a smart buyer!!
  7. From what you have said, you might need to do a lot more research.

    A Chanel Jumbo is going to run into the thousands, plus import duty if it came into Canada from outside. If your mum lost her job, it's probably a very big ask to hope for a Chanel for Christmas. Sometimes my teenagers ask me for things we can't give them. It's actually hard for both them and us when this happens, but learning to wait for things is an important part of life.

    But hang on to your dream. Spend a few years researching, get your education behind you and save.

    If you spend time watching the authenticate this Chanel thread, you can see what real bags look like and see how many fakes are out there too.
  8. I would wait. You should be able to save your own money for that bag. Then you can go to a boutique and feel proud making your own first purchase on a bag you should have the rest of your life.
  9. Yes, asked a lot :yes:
    Closing this as it's a duplicate.
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