Authentic Ebay BBags sellers (or link)

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  1. Any that you have had good experiences with - don't want a fake.
    Thanks!!! :girlsigh:
  2. hey ya!
    if u see some bags you like - post them up on the authentic balenciaga thread and some girls will be able to help you out!!!
    good luck!
  3. Elizabeth Thomas Luxury Designer Bags.

    she also sells on eBay and she's a total sweetheart! I ordered a cornflower city from her, didn't like the handles (were scrunchy) and she was really really nice and honest about letting me return it and exchanging it for my twiggy #1. She's great!!!!!!!!
  4. yes, post it in authenticate this, or look at achtung! sub forums, some of PFers also sells their b-bags on eBay :P
    good luck :yahoo:
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