Authentic earrings?

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  1. I am also posting my message here, so everyone can see.

    I Bought this earrings as authentic ones and sold them on ebay, because i thought these do not match my other jewelery.
    I think i bought them in Chanel store, but not sure anymore because it is such a long time ago and maybe i am messing up some memories. lol
    Now the buyer sais the earrings are fake.
    So what can i do?


    I would take the earrings back of course, if they were fake.
    But i am pretty sure they're not.
  2. Hello again, arrrgghh, can't someone help me?

    The buyer now said she was at her jeweller store (not Chanel store) and they said that the earrings are def. fake.
    She also wants to do a criminal complaint and go to the police, because she said i scammed her.

    What can i do?

    Can someone tell me if the earrings are def. not fake?
  3. I cannot tell you for sure. What you can do is call your local Chanel boutique and ask them about the style number on the back of this hang tag:

    A26940 Y03393

    Ask Chanel if the style number correspondes to pink enamel CC earrings from Fall 2004.

  4. why so irritated? You only allowed us 12 minutes at 6 am! People have to get children ready for school and go to work.
    Be patient, we're more willing to help when people are nice about it ;)
    Also, please don't post your eBay auctions or IDs here, it's not permitted.

    And finally, there's a thread for these questions in the Chanel Shopping Forum, that's why people weren't helping you. All authenticity questions should be pposted in the Authenticate This Chanel thread we provided.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.