Authentic Dior??

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  1. I don't know why i keep watching ebay. Still too scared to purchase. But I'm curious about anyone who has purchased a Dior from the boutique. Do these bags come with "authenticity cards?"

    When I see a seller on ebay claimimg to sell authenic Louis Vuitton with authenticity cards i automatically know its a fake. LV does not give authenticity cards.

    Having never purchased a Dior I was not sure. Do one of you ladies know??

    I have a link to a pic of a bag on ebay ad u can see the gray card in the background. Is there a such card or is it an obvious fake?

  2. there is such a card, but that does not mean that the bag is authentic. i have some of those lying around in my room, someone could give those out with fake bags.
  3. cute bag ........but like JJ said they can get card made up as well , so be very weary
  4. Why don't you try ?

    They have a bunch of saddles, although the print is only signature.
  5. i rarely by on ebay from anyone but a reseller. although that site is only about louis vuitton, most of the sellers that they recommend also resell other luxury goods.
  6. If I'm not mistaken (I don't look at my auth cards too often lol), the card only has Christian Dior on the front, not all those other words. When I get home I can take a picture of the front for you so you can use it as a reference in the future.
  7. That'll be great. Thanks
  8. Dior gives auth card, with the stamp of the boutique on the back, date of the purchase (hand writed) and ref number (hand writed too)