Authentic Dior Wallet?

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  1. Can someone give me some information about this wallet? Authentic? What type of leather is this? What's the color? Let me know if I need to post more pictures.

    I know my LV but know nothing of Dior. Thanks in advance:yes:

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  2. Whoops, was I supposed to put this in the Authenticate this section?
  3. Hi lachick23,

    If Dior makes matching wallets from their bags and it uses the same leather then I'm inclined to say that it's fake. The leather quality isn't the same and the color is a bit off. I'm not 100% certain of course since I only have the bag and haven't seen the actual wallet IRL.

    Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  4. Chrystalline, i think you're right on the money. ;)
    I've not seen the red/burgandy gaucho wallets IRL before, but i've seen the black & gold ones before. If i'm recalling it correctly, there were some posts in the authentication thread which had a similar looking gaucho wallet as the one in these pictures... the leather was odd with tonnes of scratches on it and the colour patchy (it was a brown one). so i'm going with Chrystalline on this being a fake. :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.