Authentic Dior retailers or Ebay sellers?

  1. Its hard to trust any sellers from Ebay. Its sad:sad: . Can anyone help me with this? :love: Thanks guys.
  2. Hi there!

    It really depends on the bag that is being sold. Some sellers who have never sold before may sell an authentic Dior bag on their first try, and while others who have sold for a long time sell both real and fake ones. Your best bet is to find one that you like and post it in the Authenticate This thread and get another PFer to check it out for ya!
  3. I guess....Thanks. :sad:
  4. can anyone post some sellers who u know only sell authentic items? We should make a list of good sellers or something... :yes:

    this person seems to be good...

    eBay Store - Las Vegas Luxury: Category 1