AUTHENTIC Dior collections-let's share

  1. Hi. I am a Dior addict like many of you and i would love to see your babies or at least your favorite pieces... My fav piece is the pair of pink logo high heels.I am so proud for owing a pair:yahoo: !!!!

    Pictures 067.jpg
  2. I only own one Dior bag, which I absolutely love. It's a medium gaucho. Here's a pic.


    I really like this wallet. I'm hoping to buy it soon.
  3. You have a great Dior collection!:P
  4. Thank you so much Kat. Love your Gaucho!
  5. handbag addict, I love your collection and those shoes are to die for!
  6. These are my fave Dior pieces:

    The rest of my beloved Dior items are in my Yahoo Album
  7. Your Detective boots are to die for, Krysta :smile:
  8. I just finish looking at your pics...Wow, you have a beautiful collection.
  9. Hey, does anyone know anything about this bag? I cant seem to find any info on it anywhere. [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]
  11. I don't know much info about that bag but came out a little while ago in black and pink, then was re released in black, white and brown in two sizes recently.
    I was just looking at the smaller brown cute!!
    My friend has had a black one and she just raves about it, it's her fave Dior day bag.
  12. Sweetie you have an amazing collection:yahoo: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep them comming...
  13. handbag addict, your collection of dior is amazing. You should get a gaucho next!

    Sweetie, i love the paris saddle bag and the d'trick. Hot!
  14. The pink collection with the waterproof material...(not the boston girly bag material) do they make shoulder totes...?
  15. Thank you, gaucho is not exactly my style. i don't know why but i prefer Chloe paddington in this category...