Authentic Dior Bag

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  1. I was wondering if anyone here specialize in Dior bags? My friend just gave me a Logo Saddle Bag but I'm unsure if it's authentic. What should I be looking for to verify this? I will post up pictures if that will help! Thanks!
  2. I am not familiar with Dior bags at all, but I do know that posting detailed photos will definitely help those who might be able to help you :biggrin:
  3. thanks for the imput! Here are some pix i just took! Sorry the colors are off i had to take the pictures with my camera phone. I couldn't find the digital camera... The purse is a dark/navy blue but could pass as black. It comes with authenticity card as well. I've only owned LV and coach bags so i'm not too familiar with Dior. I hope the pictures help!

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  4. Try PM Noriko, our Dior expert. She got alot of Dior saddle bags.
  5. wow, not bad for a camera phone, they came out pretty clear, but i can't tell you if it's real or not, ask noriko!
  6. Thanks guys.. i will do that!
  7. Could you post a picture of the inside tag? It should be a stamped peice of leather stating something along the lines of:
    " Christian Dior
    "Made In Italy " or Paris

    Sometimes the font of the stamping on the leather can reveal its authenticity. I hope this helps!
  8. here's the label inside.....

    EDIT: I was researching on ebay and notice that all the tags on ebay are different from mines. Most of the tag says "christion dior paris" only, not with the made in italy print. So does that means mines a fake? the second picture is taken from a listing on ebay!

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  9. My tags inside is more like the ebay posting than yours, it is leather and not sewen all the way down. I am no expert at Dior (but I am an LV expert) I only have a few Dior bags, but I am going to go with fake for this one.
  10. yeah that's what i was thinking too but i wanted to make sure...
  11. This does bring up a whole new set of etiquette questions: What do you do when someone gives you a fake bag?

    I wonder what Miss Manners would say. . .
  12. I dunno about you guys but I'm going to tell my friend tomorrow! lol
  13. also..the logo and the colorings off...background's too white and the logo's too large......on mine the logo's a lot more tightly spaced and looks smaller......
    [​IMG] v. [​IMG]
  14. I think I am going to write a letter to Miss Manners to ask her about this. And what the proper etiquette is if you spot a woman proudly carrying a fake bag.

    I suspect she'll suggest a proper lady should keep her mouth shut.
  15. Who's Miss Manners?