Authentic Damier Characteristics?

  1. Hi all
    So as of today, I'm the newest Damier Speedy 25 member :nuts: and I know the knockoffs are a dime a dozen. I actually think this design would be easier to knock off than the monogram since it is a basic checkerboard design, right?

    That said, what are ways to differentiate the real Damier from a fake? What are some specific things to look for like placement, color, etc?

    Sorry for the silly question :love: I'd love to know! If this has already been discussed, pardon the dupe thread...

    Let's use this fakie for an example
    Image quality Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 25 N41528 For Sale
  2. edit: maybe this should be moved to the LV reference library?
  3. It will be the alignment of the louis vuitton squares on the checkerboard pattern

    If you look at the LV catalogue, it will give you the location of where the LV squares are on each different bag

    Looking at the reference library can give you the answers too.

    On my speedy 30, the LV squares are placed much higher than the fake ioffer speedy 25 that you posted.