Authentic D&B pics?

  1. IS there somewhere on here we could create an archive of some Dooneys or just of some of the authenticating features?

    Like - perhaps someone could post a pic of the 'Dooney & Bourke" made in the USA tag - and someone could post a pic of the back of the rivets. That way those of us looking to buy Dooney on eBay can have something to compare to.

    I've looked through - and read extensivly - the guides on eBay but a lot of them don't have pics and I am getting a little confused.

    Thanks =)
  2. I would be happy to help. These days I'm a little busy with schoolwork, but I'll do my best. Maybe we can then ask a mod to make it a sticky.
  3. Thanks - actually I did look over thaqt listing - lots - you're right - it's good. ;)