Authentic CL's

  1. Any tips on picking out real louboutin's? Any special markings or trademarks?
  2. ^ red smooth varnished soles, interiors are usually in light pinkish tone nude beige leather with christian louboutin paris imprinted in gold on the insoles. the finishing of the shoes should be well made and comfortable, not uneven or weird. the trademarks are embossed into the red soles at the bottom with the signature CL logo, then vero cuoio mark and made in italy. size number comes last.

    i haven't come across fake ones except really good look-a-likes from Zara, Oh Deer and this other popular very affordable brand which just slipped off my mind! stuart or something? i don't remember but it's definitely not stuart weitzman!
  3. The other one shes thinking of is Steve Madden!:yes:
  4. ^ exactement! LOL thanks!!