Authentic Chocolate Brown Twiggy


    Thought I'd mention this because it could end up being a great deal with no reserve starting at 9.99 and a trusted seller had listed it.
    I confused her by mentioning Bordeaux last night (as the owner had NO idea) but we've both come to the conclusion that it's the Brown after comparing it to this other wonderful bag

    Look at the leather on the back of the bag!!! *purrrrrrrr*
  2. Oh good lord that is some beautiful leather!
  3. I think that twiggy is a 04 mahogany (jump in if I'm wrong) since it has some red in it. I have the same bag and don't know if it's that particular color is dyed differently but it is my absolute best bag when it comes to the leather and EVERY mahogany twiggy I've seen is the same as having the same very wrinkly/distressed, spongy leather. It's hard to explain but it beats out earlier seasons that I have, no joke. That's a great seller too!

    Updated. I'm adding a pic of the corner. It doesn't show nearly how nice the leather is though:
  4. I agree with surferchick and think it's an 04 mahogany (marron). Already asked the seller for a BIN: she wants $995 which I think is a little high given that the bag doesn't have any authenticity tags.
  5. She say's that it is from 05' though.
  6. I told her it was the 04' last night before she listed it, but she didn't want to make that call since the owner said she bought it in 05.

    She probably only gave a high BIN because she knows what Bbags can go for to the right buyer, esp. eager buyers who ask for a BIN when there isn't one, tags or no tags.
    I'm sure if you wait this one out it will not go that high, at all.
  7. Yeah, but the color is definitely the 04 mahogany (especially the pic of the back of the bag). It's possible that the seller is just confused. Happens all the time.
  8. Yup, it does.
  9. We may be talking about two different bags. The twiggy has some red, while the chocolate had no red at all unless the picture just came out wrong. I think there's a mix up on the season/color. I have no doubt it's authentic since it's exactly like mine which is definitely an 04 plus that seller's reputable. There was a mahogany twiggy just just sold for 1399.00 about a month or two ago so it depends on what you're looking for. It's really one of the best colors/leather if the color fits. It would probably be worth it for the seller to contact her client to clarify since an 04 in that condition would generate more interest.
  10. Damn I wish I liked twiggies.
  11. It really is!! Someone is going to get their baby at a good price!
  12. So we have decided it is a 04' Marron? or Chocolate Brown?

  13. Like I said, I told her last night and this afternoon... but she said the owner said it was an 05' and looked at Angst's auction and declared it Chocolate Brown. I agree though, I'll try again.

    I can understand her hesitancy though, as she is consignment, doesn't know much about the details of the bags themselves, doesn't have tags, the owner told her what it was... the seller has a great reputation to live up to, I can see why she doesn't want to make the call against the owner.
  14. Well, who knows. Seems like the owner of the bag would know. I do notice on the shade chart there's a chocolate/marron on an 05 so there could have been a release so maybe there is a later one with some red in it. It's not so much the color but the leather. If she's that sure it's a 05, it's probably not as nice.
  15. I saw that too surfer. If she *knows* it's an 05 then it wouldn't be as nice. Someone still might be able to get it for a steal.