Authentic Chanel?

  1. Hi all. I'm new to this forum and sort of new at buying Chanel, so bear with my "stupid" questions. I found a used bag on Ebay in excellent condition and am trying to decide whether it's authentic. What looks strange to me is the fact that the seller allegedly bought the bag at Neiman Marcus in Dec. 05, yet the serial # is only 7 digits and starts with number 8. I thought it should be 8 digits. Everything else looks right, but this is throwing me off. Does that mean it's not authentic? Thank you
  2. Hi,

    The 8 digits started with the 10 series. So basically any bags with the number starting with 9 or below will have 7 digits. However, if she bought the bag in 2005, the number should probably start with a 9 or 10. If you like we can take a look under the authenticate this thread.
  3. What do you mean when you say "we can take a look under the authenticate this thread"? Remember, I'm new.