Authentic Chanel finds! eBay or etailers

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    OMG! I don't have the funds right now to buy this bag. :cry:
    It's so whimsical and although I know it won't suit everyone's tastes, I love it.

    Ebay Auction Link (Click).
  2. that is sooooo adorable!!!!!! ack i want!
  3. It's Beautiful
  4. Someone used BIN already! :amazed: Wow, that was fast.
  5. I'm Sorry Lily....There Will Be More!!!
  6. Awww. Thanks, sweetie! It wasn't really one of my wish-list bags (especially not at the BIN price!), but it's so adorable.

    I would've been super paranoid about getting it dirty, though! :oh:
  7. It Is Adorable! A Real Mischa Bag ~ No Wonder!

    There Are So Many On Just On My Chanel Wish-List...It Could Take Me (& Probably Will!) ~ The Rest Of My Life!!!
  8. Please post any authentic Chanel bags or accessories you find here, some of our members need help in finding the authentic items!

    edited to add: Please ONLY post items you KNOW are authentic. If you aren't sure, DON'T POST them here!
  9. Yay thanks for starting this thread!!
  10. Ok macp6, it's time to go to work. You always find the good buys!
  11. I have the Chanel bug and I have no clue what is real and what is not. Thanks for doing this swanky.
  12. is posting authentic chanel finds from ebay ok in this thread?
  13. What a wonderful idea!!! thanks so much :smile:
  14. Oh, I can tell already that this is going to be a very dangerous thread! :lol:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.