Authentic Chanel finds! eBay or etailers///QUESTION/CONCERN

  1. Hi

    I felt the need to express my opinion on the Authentic Chanel finds! eBay or etailers thread: I personally dont like that thread because the things that some of us may be watching on my ebay are being listed as a great find. Most of these items have low start bids and are 100% authentic and its just fustrating to have something posted in that thread, which in the end causes the price to go alot higher then if it wasnt mentioned at all. I understand that some people have a difficult time in determining the authenticity of the item or are looking for something paticular and another member might see it on ebay and decides to help others all for that. However, for people like me who like a good ebay bargain its sort of fustrating to have a thread specific to that. It just drives up the darn price. URGH. I may be the only one who feels this way--which is completely fine with me. But, push come to shove..its every women for themselves. If you have a hard time determing the authenticity of an item, post it in the authenticate this form, ask someone, read through ebay mmsg forums, or buy a guide heck even pay carol to authenticiate it. BUT, it just sucks to have it posted in the open for 20k members to view..some people automatically associate the PF and its members as being 100% honest and so when they see a member post something, they dont want to do the extra research to validate the authenticity, retail price i making sence? /end rant/
  2. I've always been of the thought "every eBayer for themselves" when it comes to buying on eBay too.

    I can understand your frustration. I guess I'm not really bothered because so far I have not found any Chanel bags that I really want on eBay on the cheap, kwim?
  3. exactly.

    I havent seen any bags persay,but I was watching a few wallets and accessories, needless to say when the links were posted the price JUMPED.
  4. I think that we all should be informed about buys. I can understand it may be frustrating, but I don't think we should be on our own in the scary ebay world. Even if we didn't have that thread, people search through Authenticate This! all the time. If we closed the finds thread, we might as well close authenticate this! as well.
  5. This feeling is probably driven by the fact that there are far and few authentic Chanel finds on Ebay, and I agree with elongreach, that's what this forum is is created to inform.
  6. well, although I understand what you're saying, I do not share your opinion of it.
    This Forum is ALL about Chanel handbags and if I find an authentic find somewhere and I don't want to purchase it, I'd ABSOLUTELY tell my girlfriends:yes: and I LOVE that they're willing to pass on their finds as well.

    As of this moment, there have been 4,566 views on that one thread and that's only in the last 44 days, that works out to somewhere around 115 views/day. . . .
    it's there for 21k members to view, but judging by the # of views that sticky has had, obviously not that many people are using it as a resource.

    Even the Balenciaga Forum does this, it's obviously something that's very wanted by the majority and is contributing to the success of the website as a whole :biggrin:

    I'm sorry you strongly dislike it however.
  7. I agree with Swanky - I really enjoy the Achtung thread in Balenciaga, and when I was looking for one in the summer, that thread helped me a ton, and also helped train my eyes for authenticity.
    At the end of the day, it's all supply and demand. If you want an authentic, but say hideous bag that no one else wants, even if it's posted, the price will stay low. Just because it's listed on the "Finds" thread doesn't make me more likely to buy something either, unless it was on my list in the first place.
  8. I completely understand how you can be frustrated when someone posts a good find on ebay and then everyone ends up bidding. But hey everything is competitive so its hard control what ebay finds get posted in those threads. Perhaps you can send seller a message and ask them to possibly end it early for you if you find a really good deal!
  9. I also agree with Swanky and tweetie. Personally I would never buy any chanel or high-end designer items in general on ebay just because of peace of mind.....I am too chicken to take any risk and rather just buy from the dept store/chanel boutique even though I have to pay full retail, but thread like this really help train my eyes! But I do understand your frustration.