Authentic Chanel Box?

  1. Hi everyone- just got the box for my bag today (bag was sent priority; box was sent cheapo) I immediately noticed that the Chanel logo was not centered but a little higher. This is my first Chanel, but I always thought that the lettering was centered. The box is about 16" x 12" x 6.5". I also put up a couple pics of the auth. cards I got with the bag. I know I'm probably overreacting but was just wondering if the bag I bought was legit.Thanks!
    Chanel Sport Messenger 1.jpg Picture 005.jpg Picture 010.jpg Picture 012.jpg Picture 013.jpg
  2. The bag looks good to me. The box is a little weird, the Chanel logo is a little higher than usual. I've attached pics of my Chanel box for comparison.
    latest handbagpic3.jpg
  3. hey ya
    this is a pic of my chanel box... i dont know if this is going to help out at all... but i thought i'd try and help you!!!!
    measurements are as follows: across 38 cm roughly about 14 and half inches
    high:34.5cm roughly about 13 and half inches
    wide: 10.5cm roughly 6 inches


    :shame: pic was taken in the bathroom - the place with the brightest light!
  4. oh pursegalsf - you have such beautiful chanels!
  5. Thanks for your pics everyone- I still don't get why the lettering is so high up. The seller said she bought it in Hong Kong, could that be the reason? Could the bag be real with a fake box? Jeez I wish I knew.
  6. Thanks heleNZ :shame: I'm looking to add a classic flap soon :graucho:
  7. That bag is not the way it is supposed to look :huh:
  8. pursegalsf - is that the same Bowler HelenNZ has? I want to reach through the screen and snatch it, LOL!

  9. 0o0o this is great news, pursegalsf :flowers:

    yes, roey its the same bag! ;) hehehe... you like it, dont ya????????? hehehehe!
  10. :flowers:
  11. That box is def. off. I own sev. Chanels (albeit not a messenger) and it is supposed to be centered. It just looks very, very wrong. Even the shoe boxes don't resemble that. I'd be wary.
  12. uh oh...

    Valley, is there somewhere you can get the purse authenticated?
  13. hey! Please remember to use the Authenticate This! sticky next time! ;)
  14. opps! Sorry swanky, I totally forgot!
  15. Unfortunately, no. :hrmm: Except here, of course!

    btw, here's a link top the seller's page. The rest of her items looked authentic to me, but I'm not an expert so I'd love to get more opinions!

    She has a few items for sale now, including a copule of MC items and an Hermes belt.