Authentic Cerises Louis Vuitton Speedy !

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  1. wow that is a good deal! soo tempted...hehe..but i think i'm going to hold onto my money and wait for the s/s 06 bags! thanks for the heads up though!
  2. You are right!!! I am going to pass it on to my Vuitton loving friends!!!
  3. let-trade always has good stuff. That's a great deal on that!
  4. Some1 just bought it!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for them!!!
  5. That was fast.. I hope the next time I see one, I'll actually be able to take it home ! :biggrin:
  6. was it authentic? I'm always wary of sellers in Hong Kong
  7. Of course, let-trade sells thousands, literally, of Louis Vuitton.
  8. HEY!! That was ME who bought it!! Lol.... I wasn't even planning on buying it but I saw it this morning and it was a good deal and I have some $$ in my paypal acct so I grabbed it!

    I just logged on the message boards to post- look at the deal i got on this cerises!
    Too funny!!!! I'll post pics when I get it :biggrin:
  9. But so does eBay and it's not all authentic. Everything Let-Trade sells is authentic though?
  10. Let Trade is a seller ON ebay and yes everything they sell is authentic.
  11. Ahhhh! DOH!
  12. Congrats! That's a good deal :biggrin: