Authentic Cartier jewelry online?

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  1. Hi, I am desperately looking for an online option to buy Cartier jewelry, specifically the Trinity one ring.

    I know there are plenty of options for buying luxury watches online (and at a significant discount) but I couldnt find anything similar for cartier jewelry.

    Can some of you point me in the right direction?

    Maybe there is also a resource on the net which has the current list prices?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Best regards,
  2. I asked about this last year when I was saving up for my Trinity ring. Apparently Cartier does not allow online sales of its jewelry. I ended up waiting until we went to Las Vegas to get my ring.
    Signed Pieces dot com sometimes has used Cartier pieces.
    Cartier's website has a system where you can ask the price for individual prices and they will email it to you.
    I bought my trinity ring this past Feb. and it was $1050 + tax.
  3. Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

    So you are saying there is one price for each piece and no chance to get a discount?

    I was hoping it works similar to watches, where you are able to get luxury pieces at 20-30% off the list price almost always (, First Swiss Luxury Watches: Your Store for Watches in Zurich, Switzerland, etc).

    Btw, I live in Switerzland and got the following offers from the local dealer (prices include Swiss VAT):

    Trinity one, Ref. B4086000 (small 3 gold, 1 ring full of diamonds): CHF5,400 = USD5,000
    Trinity small, Ref. B4086100 (3 gold, no diamaonds, cartier label): CHF1,250 = USD1,161

    So I guess prices are quite similar to the US.

    Anyway, just requested an official quote from the cartier hp, lets see.

  4. Hi
    Do u think u can model the ring for us? M planning whether i shd get a preloved or brand new trinity ring from cartier direct. Havnt gone to the store to take a look n try. Hope ur pix can motivate me to go get it :smile:
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    sry, i know this is out the topic, but i am always wondering why people buy luxury items at Las Vegas, the dealer give more discount there? or the tax rate is lower there? or there is a huge outlet store? Is it the best place to get luxury items in the states?