Authentic Burberry hat?

  1. Can we start an authenticate this thread for the clothing forum? not sure if this is allowed but I'd like help with this hat--TIA!
    IMG_0997_burberry.JPG IMG_0998_burberry.JPG IMG_1027_burberry.JPG
  2. it looks kind of fake to me.. The font and logo from my burberry purse doesn't look like this at all..
  3. thanks xfeliciax...any other opinions?
  4. It looks pretty fake to me too. On my Burberry messenger bag (which I bought at Neiman Marcus) and my vintage Burberry trench coat (which was authenticated at the Burberry store downtown) the rider has a lot of spots where it's the color of the tag itself, not just completely white. Also, there is an apostrphe in Burberrys (Burberrys') on my trench and the rider is under the logo. Sorry! Hope this helped!
  5. Seems fake. I have a Burberry bucket hat (purchased at Saks) and the tag is smaller than yours and without the logo. It just says:

    And the other tag attached to this one says the size and then Made in England.

    I checked my Burberry kilt (got it at just opened Bloomys SF) too and the tag looks identical to my hat. If you need more info for comparison, PM me and I can send you pictures of my hat and the tag.
  6. thanks so much for the replies! I suspected this was fake--found when I was helping a friend clean out the closet--but disappointed anyway
  7. As promised, here's the picture of my bucket hat and the attached tag.
  8. thanks again for all the help! can this be moved to the new Burberry forum?