Authentic Burberry Finds READ post 1 - NO CHATTING

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    Please post authentic Burberry finds (auctions, sales), if it's a retailer the store/location MOST be posted.

    NO chatting please... just the info and/or link. Thanks!

    (effective January 6, 2010)
  2. Yes, all things posted in this thread are geniune!
  3. Hey! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for starting this thread!

    I love that I can come here and not get used and abused...everyone is so great! Thanks again! :tender:
  4. that bag is hott
  5. im soooo new to this but i love it already so if anyone reads this can you plllease help me out on the posting and putting up my pics of my stuff and how to display my pictures pleaaaase! thanx:confused1:
  6. Hi and welcome! You can't post pics of your stuff in this thread if they're on sale, because selling is forbidden in the forum. If you wish to show and share with us your stuff, you can post them in this thread
    For instructions about posting pics, read here