Authentic Burberry and EBAY

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  1. I have been looking for a few weeks on EBAY for a Burberry bag. Every bag I post on the "authenticate this" thread has been fake. It is starting to feel like the majority of the Burberry bags on EBAY are fake. I guess I am just getting discouraged and feel like I should stop looking. Is there a thread that lists EBAY sellers that are reputable that sell only authentic designer bags?
  2. At least you have the sense to get them authenticated here first instead of just buying, one will come up eventually !
  3. Mulberry...Burberry...easily confused...too many berrys.
  4. LOL.. yes, I do often confuse my fruits.:biggrin: And sometimes behave like a fruit!;)
  5. I don't buy Burberry, but I'm sure there must be real ones in the sea of eBay.
    Burberry ladies on the sub forum know better. Good luck!