Authentic Botkier???

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  1. I'm sorry I wouldn't have a clue but i'd suggest you ask this in the Marc Jacobs thread because the seller has sold many MJ bags in the past and if they're fake, then you can assume this one is too.
  2. the seller's feedback is excellent, but, i've never seen a botkier that looks like that...and i've seen the triggers and biancas...
  3. I've never seen a Botkier like the first one - maybe it's a Lola? But the listing is so haphazard - it seems a little off. Plus she wants $50 shipping for anywhere outside of the US which is unbelievably out of line for people in Canada. I find that fraudulent eBay sellers like to really jack up the shipping just to milk every last bit out of people so a ridiculously overpriced shipping cost is always a warning flag.

    The second bag has no photos of the actual bag. Just stock photos. That's a red flag too. I'd say stay away.
  4. Thanks so much for your input! I really appreciate it.:yes:
  5. The second lister must have added a picture of the actual bag. It looks good:tup:

    I am also not familiar with the first bag.
  6. Also, the price on the second one could be of concern, but it was just on sale at a couple of online stores (couldn't find it today when I looked though, sorry) so the seller could have gotten it then.