Authentic Balenciaga's on Ebay

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  1. I think we should have a thread to post the real bags in rather than a thread to keep questioning authenticity in.
    It seems it would save a lot of work no?

    Or do we prefer to post a new thread everytime a good deal on an authentic looking bag arises on eBay?
    I don't mind either way, I just was looking through the "Authenticate" thread and it came to mind.

    The only issue here would be who can post the real bags? Obviously not everyone feels they can identify. Plus, in no way are any of us giving guarantee on the bags, only that the photo's are photo's of genuines. There are amazingly unmoralistic people who also have photo's of real bags and send fakes.

    I thought this might be a good idea and maybe save a lot of people some time ... anyone?
    Louisey? Mlertpac? You two are always helping people out.
    I feel comfortable posting authentic bags.

  2. I like this idea because the authenticity thread was getting me confused and at one point, I thought I was talking about one bag and ended up posting about another. The thing though is, what's to prevent scammers from posting "authentic" bags that are in fact their own fakes? There should probably be a caveat for new members that they should rely more on posts by Winona, Mlertpac or--whomever, but established members?
  3. You guys - lets put a hold on this for now, okay?

    What is to prevent members from slying listing their own eBay auctions here when Megs and Vlad have not decided if this is okay.

    I am closing this thread until Megs and Vlad have a chance to discuss this with us mods.

  4. ^Also, we hacame up w/ a way we preferred to handle it already - Authenticate This!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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