authentic balenciaga with "defect" or fake?

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  1. hi guys,

    bought the violet city off *bay recently, posted the auction link in the "authenticate this" thread & posted pictures of it when after i received it. both received yays :tup:

    however, the other day i noticed that one of the rivets were slightly off. panicked & brought the bag to my local boutique where the SA checked the bales, metal tag in the interior, etc & said she believed it was authentic coz of the leather (it smells exactly the same as my first b-bag :p) but if i wanted to be sure, i could send it back to italy to let the "experts" check it. am still not satisfied with her reply coz we went during closing time & they were in a rush to leave.

    what do you guys think? would this possibly be an authentic bag with a defective rivet (all the other 3 rivets check out) or could this possibly be a very good fake? :sweatdrop:

    have included pictures, they might be quite big though.

    btw, if this happened to be fake, what recourse do i have?> rivet on the left seems off --> defect or fake? --> all other 3 looks like this

    thanks for your help!!
  2. That is definitely strange. I have never seen a pic of a real bbag with any type of defect before, unless it was indeed fake. Yours looks real with the exception of that one detail.

    Here is my theory: Mnay may not agree, but Bal's quality control has definitely been slipping lately.... poor stitching, faded areas of leather, handles that don't match the body and I could go on. This could be just more evidence that they're paying less attention to detail and more on production and quantity.

    IMO, your bag is real.

    I just thought of something else! The seller had one of the studs pop off and got it replaced, but with a different rivet?
  3. It sure does look authentic except for that one little rivet being different...could it have broken and been repaired?
  4. The bag looks authentic, though the rivet's strange. Perhaps you can contact the seller and ask them about it(?) Maybe it was a store display or just a regular bag that had a loose rivet that was replaced? The bag does look great though!
  5. I agree - the bag looks real. Everything is right - bales, metal tag, fonts, etc... except for the one rivet. I would email the seller and ask them about it.
  6. Hey Whiteparkdog,

    I am going to have to ask you to move this to the Auth This thread: we only allow authentication in that thread.

    Closing now...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.