Authentic Balenciaga Site--help

  1. HI...Any suggestion where I can buy an authentic Balenciaga Motorcyle BAG for a cheaper price???? Any Site???

  2. You can phone orders from or Balenciaga NY.

    Edit: Oh wait... you want cheaper price? You probably need to scout out ebay or buy a gently used one from one of the PF members here then. Otherwise I don't think there is such a site where you can buy cheaper B-bags.

    Btw, welcome to the forum!
  3. Cheaper price than what? The tend to hold quite a bit of their value, so if you find one for a lot below retail that is not really used,'s probably a fake.
  4. With diligence, patience, and knowledge, eBay is a good place. Educate yourself on fakes before you commit ( and you can definitely ask us fellow PF members in the authenticity thread. :idea:
  5. Oh Murasaki, I am starting to covet your eggplant bag. Can you change your avatar? JUST KIDDING! I love it!!!
  6. Hehe, that is sweet of you ET!
  7. If you get lucky at bluefly.
  8. Well if you buy from Aloha Rag or Bal NY there's no tax (unless I guess if you live in Hawaii or NY). That's a significant savings to me!
  9. I drool every time I see Murasaki's avatar... I love it so much! :love: :love: :love:
  10. I agree--be careful of cheap Balenciagas on websites and ebay (in the US--aparently Baghunter is finding all sorts of authentic goodies which just translate into nonsense characters on my computer so that I can't even look at them! I'm envious!). The used ones may be a couple of hundred dollars cheaper, but other than that, they tend to hold their value and the ones that look like "bargains" are generally not authentic, despite sellers' claims to the contrary. If they were, they would get snatched up--anything you've looked at on the net has been looked at by a gazillion other people--why would it still be for sale cheap if so many people had already seen it?
  11. I was on the Balenciaga thread on TFS, and some people were talking about this site and how it was real It's like an outlet store in NY near Macy's. I have my doubts, what do you guys think?
  12. They do not sell online.
  13. I mean from some of the photos of the stock they have that they put on thie rwebsite
  14. Jessieee12 -- I just went back to Duty Free Apparel. The guy who owns it is a little strange but the bags are definitely real. He swears that he can sell them cheaper because his rent is 1/10 of the rent that Balenciaga pays for their space on 22nd Street. Plus he buys them a little cheaper in Europe. I dunno what their deal is, but the bags are definitely real. Apparently they just opened another store on Long Island but I don't know when I'll be able to get out there.
  15. Yes Duty Free Apparel is legit. I bought a Gucci bag from them years ago. I had no idea they were selling B-bags now! What are their prices in comparison to retail..anyone know???