authentic bags at sample sales?

  1. Hi! Although I live in NYC I have never been to a sample sale before. Tomorrow I'll be going to the first one which I was notified by email from TopButton. I was just wondering about how authentic the bags are at sample sales.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place!
  2. Sample sales are usually last season leftovers and genuine designer samples. They should be authentic, but as they are samples, they are often imperfect. If you're going to buy a bag, inspect it carefully, as they are almost always final sale. Loose and ripped seams or linings can be repaired, stains are usually permanent because they've set.

    Since it's your first sample sale, here's a few other pointers just in case :smile::

    If you're going to buy clothes, wear your "good" undies. They usually don't have changing rooms and if you're going to try anything on, you'll be in full view of other people.

    If you're "thinking about" anything, hold onto it until you're sure you don't want it. It probably won't be there when you go back to find it again.

    If you're unsure of your size, pick up different sizes in the same item for the same reason as above.

    Go early for the best selection and bring plenty of cash. Most sample sales will nix the tax if you pay cash, but have to charge tax if it's a credit transaction.

    If you're not already subscribed, get on the Daily Candy mailing list. Intermix usually has two sample sales a year by the Container Store, and you can amazing steals if you have the time to dig.

    Good luck and tell us if you get anything good!
  3. They should be authentic. It's the designer's actual samples that were used for market.
  4. I went to the sample sale today at noon and guard downstairs told me it was cancelled!
  5. what sale was it?
  6. its the fashionistany sale. its supposed to be 19th and 20th but they cancelled todays sale