Authentic bag, but fake dust bag?

  1. Would you worry about the authenticity of a bag if the dust bag is fake? I bought an Epi piece from eBay a few weeks ago and in my excitement, didn't even consider the dust bag. But, it's definitely fake and now I'm second-guessing myself on whether or not the bag is real.

    The seller did state that she did not have the original dust bag and the bag itself looks as it should for its age (tarnished brass, a few scuffs). Should I get it authenticated or let it go?

  2. Check it's authenticity for sure.
  3. What bag was that? Why don't you post pictures so we can help you? There are a lot of ladies & gents here who can help. If you can include the link to your previous auction, that would be helpful. Take close-up photos of the tabs, date code etc...

    There are also different kinds of dust bag depending on when and where they were made. But yes, it's possible that she sold you an authentic bag and gave a fake dust bag.
  4. Should authenticate. YOu never know!
  5. Please post pictures in the authentication thread so we can take a look at it for you.
  6. Darn. Thank you all for the quick responses. I'll take photos and post them in the authentication thread when I get home tonight. (Too embarrassed to post the auction link b/c I overpaid for it. :p)
  7. if I were looking at an auction, and piece of it was fake I would stay away.
  8. I received an authentic LV bag from a reputable seller. With it came a FAKE dustbag. I was new to LV and didn't relize the dustbag was fake. It is okay...I just keep it as a spare, but my bag was REAL:tup:
  9. Ghost55 - thanks for sharing your experience.

    Yeah, the dust bag's 99.9% a fake, but John 5 (thank you, John!) authenticated the actual bag. In the seller's defense, I never asked her for pics of the dustbag; she just said it would come with one, but not the original. And she was very upfront about sharing all details of the bag and answering my questions.

    Oh well, chalk this one up to experience...I threw out the dustbag and put my Alma in a nice pillowcase instead. Who knows, maybe the LV store will give me a new dustbag the next time I go?
  10. That could be :smile:
    If you pay that much for bags... you should sometimes be rewarded with something like that.
  11. I hope it is real.
  12. :shrugs:I would take it back to the store for authencication. Can't be too careful when something is off. And you'll never be able to be 100% sure before the store had a look at it.

  13. No problem~ I have been there too LOL!:p
  14. The dust bag may just be an older version... ALWAYS have your bags authenticated!
  15. I think this was my last eBay purchase for awhile - it turned out to be a rather stressful experience!

    But all's well that ends well. The store authenticated my bag (though I guess it's not 100% unless she goes out for repairs) and even gave her a shiny new lock (though a dust bag would have been more useful! Just kidding, I don't want to seem ungrateful.) I thought the SA went above and beyond to help me out so I wrote a note to the manager commending her.

    Lessons learned - authenticate *first*; buy from reputable sellers; and unless it's discontinued or eLux is having free shipping, wonderful SA in boutique is getting my business for as long as she's there.

    Thanks to all for your comments and advice. :smile: