Authentic and fake outfits?

  1. Not really sure if this thread goes here...

    This morning, I saw a woman whose outfit perplexed me. She had on a really nice suit, authentic Longchamp bag and Ferragamo shoes, but a totally FAKE LV Speedy. Does anyone else find that kind of strange?
  2. Maybe she didn't know it was fake?
    Sometimes, it does perplex me. But, maybe handbags aren't what she likes to spend her money on. A lot of people here on tPF often try to buy "non-designer" clothes because purses are what they like to spend their money on. I could be totally wrong though :shrugs:.
  3. I hate those obviously fake LV bags...
  4. Yea, maybe she just doesn't value the purse as much as the shoes.
  5. she was carrying 2 bags?
  6. I didn't even notice that :lol:.
  7. Yea i don't like fakes and I'd rather prefer that she wore a non designer bag.

    But isn't it just as bad if someone has a kick a$$ hand bag and they're clothes are just blah? Just wondering...... :whistle:
  8. :yes:
    but anyways i stopped caring why other people do what they do if it is what makes them happy i am happy too.
    i know woman having no problems buying 10 K chanel suits but buy the cheapest bag they can get (no fakes though) then i know woman head to toe in H&M and a birkin and then i know woman head to toe in chanel plus a croc kelly plus huge car but crappy appartment
    and then i know woman havin everything from the mutimillion mansion to the bags to the yacht
    this list can go on and on
    point is everyone has things in life that are more or less important to them and luckily there are no rules of what do to or not to do. as long as the person is happy with the way they life their lives well what more can you ask for
  9. ^^^^ lilach I absolutely love your clever responses. Very well said :supacool:
  10. Agree. One of my best friends is an heiress and wears head to toe designer and has an amazing collection of Jimmy Choos, but frequently carries fake purses.
  11. Or, just thinking here...Maybe she saw someone with a fake bag and scolded them. Then snatched it to have it properly destroyed.