Authentic Abercrombie sellers on ebay?

  1. hiya
    i love abercrombie's clothes but i live in the UK and sadly they charged the same price in ££'s as dollars so a $25 t-shirt is £25 over here !!!!:cursing::wtf: SO i was wondering if you guys knew any eBay sellers ( can be from the US) who sell authentic A+F!!?? as there are alot on eBay:sad:

  2. I want to know too! The UK prices are absolutely ridiculous.
  3. Ugh, it's sooo wrong! I don't get why they DOUBLE the price for the UK! When I went to Florida I got a really nice hoodie from there.. went to buy another one on the UK site & I was like 'wtf, I paid that much in DOLLARS?!'

    & OMG at that thing being £128 :/ so not worth it.
  4. I got a hoddie once and I was fake, the auction did not state authenticity but I didnt think I had to worry about that you know. I mean fake abercrombie I had no idea. Never got my money but I left a horrible feedback. Be careful.
  5. I can't believe people make + sell fake A+F of all things. :sad:
  6. Those prices are insane! :wtf: I feel sorry for the UK people who cant get their Abercrombie fix! Most of the time when your searching for Abercrombie, there arent any major sellers. Just people who sell one or two items. Heres some tips: Its obvious if someone says "Authentic Abercrombie/Hollister/American Eagle Shirt" in their auction when its only one shirt and it doesnt look like anything those brands would make (ex. lots of sequins, strange colors, or just looks strange).Dont buy it. I also wouldnt buy from anyone who has five of the same item or shows stock photos because I would like to see the actual item. Seeing the label is important and try to look at the fabric quality and wash (especially for their jeans). Also, try to do some research. If youve been a fan of Abercrombie for a few years, and see something that does not look familiar at all, look online! There are some sites where people create outfits and theres a lot of Abercrombie. Sorry I cant think of any of the sites right now but good luck searching! :smile:
  7. Make sure you don't buy from a seller that lives in Hong Kong or Taiwan, etc. because it's so hard to tell the difference between a authentic and a fake.
  8. Feel free to PM me with any Abercrombie auctions you're interested in and I can help you figure out if it's worth bidding on or not. Most of my closet is Abercrombie, it's what got me through college! LOL!!
  9. Same here. If you ever need anything authenticated, also please feel free to PM me. I also have a lot of Abercrombie stuff.
  10. I don't understand the problem. If they're charging regular prices? It's not that expensive and A&F isn't really something so special to even bother searching eBay for. I suggest investing in some better clothing.
  11. I know it has been a while since the last post.
    but, I just thought I should share some sellers that I know who sells authentic abercrombie.
    I know 2 sellers on ebay who I personally purchased from and know they only sell authentic.
    their ebay store name is trend-chaser and genk4u.
    also, I was searching and found 2 stores where you can buy authentic from besides ebay.
    they are and think this store is the same person as the one on ebay)
    anyway, hope it helps.